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I want to go out and take photos somewhere tonight. Where should I go?

"Just Live Your Life"

I wish I would have had a video camera today, or at least something to record audio. Sarah Palin spoke accross the street from my house this afternoon, so I walked over to the line during my lunch break and observed the exchanges between those people and the Obama supporters who were also there.

Quotes from people waiting in line to see Sarah Palin:

To me personally:

"Are you lost?!"

"Yeah, take pictures you piece of shit!"

To the Obama supporters and anyone else in earshot:

"How about a dope dealer in the White House?!"

"Get a job!"
Along with "Nobama", I heard this one most often, which was funny, since both sides were doing the same thing, supporting their candidate and not working. From where I was standing, the only people I could see that were working were us photographers, the police, and the police horses. These poor animals were doing more work than the people screaming " Get a job!" :(

"You look like Obama supporters."

"Are you waiting for your government check from Obama?"

"Go back to the Renaissance Fair!" This was screamed by a little girl to pro-choice women wearing formal prom-type dresses. She was really proud of herself and her hatred, and even looked to her mom for approval and praise for it. Minutes later, this girl along with her mom and several other women and girls were making fun of the pro-choice womens' pageant wave and how they were doing it wrong.

"Did you say U.S. or U.S.S.R.?"

"There's just too many Muslims in this country."

"Don't they have anything better to do?" McCain supporters talking about Obama supporters. (Pot? it's me kettle.)

"Smile for socialism!"
(while taking a picture of the Obama supporters)

"Babykillers for Obama!"

"Support the terrorists!"

"You're a terrorist lover!"

"Don't get to close to them, you might catch something!"

"Hold onto your wallets everybody!"

"Why don't you go protest in the street?"
So many people in the line laughed so loudly at this, it was scary.

I took over 500 photos, but I haven't had a chance to go through them yet. When I do, I will post some of the faces of the geniuses that said these things.

As much as I may disagree with them, I saw pro-life protesters with their mouths taped shut who made much more of a statement than the crazy screamers. I can't help but respect that they got their point accross without attacks or insults.

After the two events I've been to in the past two days, I've quickly come to the conclusion that I have been right to try and avoid all this election nonsense. People aren't saying why their candidate is so great, they're just bitching about their opponents (on both sides) and I really don't need to hear all the negativity.

Oct. 21st, 2008

video from the event I went to last night:

Photo 395

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

I love you. Yes, you.
I just tried skating in the daylight for the first time, but I ended up getting way too hot after just two laps. I just checked the temperature and it's 98 degrees out, so no wonder I couldn't take it.
I am so happy right now!that is all. :)

Sep. 26th, 2008

copypasta from wikipedia:

"Much of the media attention "You Get What You Give" received centered on the closing lyrics:

    Health insurance, rip-off lying
    FDA, Big bankers buying
    Fake computer crashes dining
    Cloning while they're multiplying
    Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson,
    Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson
    You're all fakes, run to your mansions
    Come around, we'll kick your ass in.

According to Alexander, he had written this section for the song as a test; to see whether the media would focus on the important political issues of the first few lines, or the petty celebrity-dissing. As he suspected, the music press raked considerable muck about the name-dropping and the rest of the song was glossed over entirely."